Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort

Former “Buckskin Joe” site to be transformed into walking and biking trails

Former "Buckskin Joe" site to be transformed into walking and biking trails

The Ranch & Resort Vision

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Roads being cut, named & graded.

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The neighborhood is coming together as sites are being determined to fit the open landscape and to showcase all of the fantastic views. View the preliminary road map below.

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Destination: Canon City

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An insightful article on the inevitable growth of our region. Read More…

Local Media Announcement

The announcement of Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort - Buckskin Joes. The land in Fremont County near Royal Gorge Bridge and Park that, for decades, was utilized as a movie set for old westerns and a frontier-themed tourist attraction, has been purchased and will be turned into a resort for wealthy mountain bikers and hikers, according to the new buyer, Ty Seufer.
February 2019
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