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The Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort sits in one of the most geographically stunning areas of the state of Colorado, nestled within south-central Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley and home to the state’s most famous views.

The area’s rolling hills abruptly give way to deep ravines and sprawling meadows of native grass. These views transition to pinon forests and rugged terrain where the Sangre De Cristo Mountains tower to the west. Over 1,000 feet below, inside one of the most dramatic canyons in America, the mighty Arkansas River roars.

The Royal Gorge is a year-round hub for outdoor adventure. Hiking, biking, rafting, climbing and ziplining are popular here. Equally fascinating is the wild west, gold rush,and geological history of the area.

Pleasantly Remote & Accessible to Everything

Cañon City, Colorado

Getting Here

Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort is located within a few hours of all the metro areas along the I-25 corridor and minutes from the adventure hub of Cañon City. Your vacation property is both accessible yet pleasingly away from it all.

Our Legendary Wild West History

For decades, the Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort location was the setting for classic western films such as John Wayne’s Cat Ballou, True Grit, and The Cowboys. Entire generations grew up looking at these landscapes on the Hollywood silver screen, which created a picture of what the wild west was in our minds.

This area, known as Buckskin Joe, maintained some of the past movie set buildings and became a local and tourist pilgrimage. Professional actors and cowboys re-enacted shoot-outs daily.

Eventually, the operation closed, the property was sold, and its buildings were transported elsewhere. Years passed by, and the land grew quiet waiting for its next call to adventure—The Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort.

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