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The Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort features 126 home sites on 800 acres of open space thoughtfully planned out to include an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape.

When you pick your lot, you get to choose your ecosystem, view, and level of community or seclusion. All lots will have room for up to 2 mod villas and 2 adventure garages. Choose a lot that is near the road or away from it. If you want more privacy, choose a lot with little or no visibility from other homes.

All lots are 4.5 acres and start at $189,000 USD.

Site Ecosystems

Phase 1 Development — 2022

Royal Ridgeline Eco Area

This eco area has epic views from all the lots and is nestled between the Point Alta Vista Eco area and the Royal Meadow Eco Area.

Buckskin Crags Eco Area

This eco area is a special rock formation formed from a glacier or ice sheet and is the premier outdoor climbing territory at the Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort.

Climbers will love this outdoor rock gym and adventure park, which includes the Via Ferrata around the perimeter, rock climbing, highlining, slacklining, mountain biking, and hiking. The numerous routes range in difficulty and allow access to the top of the formation.

Point Alta Vista Valley Eco Area

This eco area is home to Buckskin Joe’s historic railroad scenic outlook with hike and bike-friendly trails. Walk out just a few hundred yards from these lots and you can see the Royal Gorge and its bridge—the royal view!

Phase 2 Development

Royal Meadow Eco area

This eco area has an open, airy, atmosphere with uninterrupted views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

These lots have easy in-and-out access due to the mostly flat roads. This location is perfect for residents that plan to live in their mod villa year-round, especially in the winter months when the roads are covered in snow.

Additionally, the flat lots allow features that may not be possible in other areas, such as flower beds, gardens, pergolas, bike garages, and more.

Wetlands Eco Area

The Wetlands are spread across several different ecosystems, giving this area the best of all the terrains. This area is ideal for residents interested in various landscapes around their property.

How It Works

After your lot is purchased, Land Ark will work directly with you to customize your site layout and home to meet your needs. Planning your home will take into account your goals, the terrain, solar orientation, views, and the unique opportunities specific to your site.
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Epic 4.5 Acre Lots

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