Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort

Our Communal Commonplace



Welcome to Gunslingers - our private Clubhouse at the Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort. Gunslingers represent an era of the wild west that thrived in our region. We are now the heart of what is known on the map as Buckskin Joes. This famed location carried legends and formed an image of the American West like few have.

  •  Historical Signage

    Historical Signage

  •  Gunslingers Clubhouse

    Gunslingers Clubhouse

  •  The Wagon House

    The Wagon House

  •  Gunslingers Club & Wagon House

    Gunslingers Club & Wagon House

A landscape that has shaped the minds of millions

Point Alta Vista & Trail

Today the Point Alta Vista has become a scenic hiking and biking trail with a renewed purpose for outdoor activity and well being. From the historical "Little Train with the Big View" now a memory which dates back to 1958 but the "Big View" remains.

From a famous frontier town railway

Visitors used to adventure with a ride on the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway to the amazing scenic overlook of Point Alta Vista. Brilliant blue skies and the unbelievable scenery of the Royal Gorge have mesmerized hundreds of thousands.
  •  Nearby trails for railing on!

    Nearby trails for railing on!

  •  Behold the Bhudda Wall

    Behold the Bhudda Wall

  •  Along the trail

    Along the trail

  •  A little flora along the way

    A little flora along the way

A landscape that has shaped the minds of millions

The iconic Old West

Join us in a place that shaped an image of the Wild West for millions. The landscape behind the wild western movies of Cat Ballou - Barquero - The Cowboys - How the West Was Won - True Grit and many more.

At this location at the foreground of the Sangre De Cristo mountains existed one of the few remaining authentic old west towns in existence, Buckskin Joe's. The Gunslingers clubhouse is a direct descendant of the town of Buckskin Joes.

John Wayne shot many movies here in the early '70s as well as other famed western heroes of the silver screen.